” Professing colors ” …. what is that ???

In my painting I feel primarily about the interplay of colors. The Selection is the most important and requires a consistent approach, since there is no way back. The sequence begins of course with the primer of the so-called Bearer color, the choice is relatively easy because of her the next color depends. But then comes the most important color NUMBER ONE since set up, is particularly difficult and sometimes takes a long time, it may hours or days pass before a Enscheidung falls because of her NUMBER success of the work depends. The color NUMBER TWO is less time consuming.

But then actually the last the colors, the COLOR THREE is again particularly important and sometimes torture are as a painting over a wrong color of a disaster is tantamount, because this inner process is completely disturbed. What then happens in color, is used only the lightening or darkening of the work. But this complex looking for the right color only makes sense if you like me, and of course the great painters are of the opinion, “Painting is COLOR”

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